Crumbs Coming to Rittenhouse, This Time We Mean It

A couple of months ago, when we told you about the opening of the still delicious HipCityVeg, we lamented that the plans for a Crumbs Bake Shop on 18th Street had apparently fallen through. You may recall, we initially told you last summer that Crumbs intended to take over 133 S. 18th St., most recently the home of Leehe Fai, after near neighbors gave the thumbs down to a proposed Dunkin Donuts. After months with no progress and rumors of corporate reorganization putting the kibosh on Crumbs expansion into Philly, who could blame us for thinking that this space would stay vacant forever?

The space

It would usually pain us to admit it, but in this case we’re thrilled to be wrong. Earlier this week, representatives from Crumbs presented to CCRA, giving us the impression that this thing is a done deal.

Yes please

At their presentation Crumbs representatives indicated that the store will be open daily from 8am-9pm, and will sell cupcakes and coffee drinks. They won’t do their baking on the premises, which is a shame for the olfaction of passersby, but will allow for a tidy operation in this little space. Perhaps due to the little space, no seating is planned inside. Which is just fine by us, this will allow for more space for their selection of GIANT CUPCAKES.

Yeah, this is really a thing

Look for Crumbs to open up shop in the fall.