Construction Update: The Philadelphia School’s New Building

Perhaps you’ve driven past 2501 South St. in recent months and have noticed some construction activity at the site, behind a big red wall. Or maybe you’ve walked past on 25th St., or Naudain St., and noticed the new buildings that have sprung up in the past few months. In case you aren’t aware, this is the new addition for the Philadelphia School, located just a half block away, at the corner of 25th and Lombard Sts.

From South St.
Looking through the cutout

As we told you back in March, the plan for this site is a one-story Early Childhood Center, with four new kindergarden and preschool classrooms, as well as a multipurpose performing space and an urban garden. The new development will feature numerous green elements, including pervious pavers, energy efficient fixtures, and solar and geothermal power. The architects for the project are Purdy O’Gwynn, and the builders are Wolfe Scott & Associates.

Rendering of the site

Here are some more photos of the construction, about eight months away from completion.

The Early Learning Center, view from 25th and Naudain Sts.
Looking west on Naudain St.
Looking east on Naudain St.
On 25th St., looking into the site
Looking north, up 25th St.
Future performance space

It’s definitely exciting to see this formerly blighted site take on a new life. We’ll be keeping an eye on this project in the months to come, and update you again this summer, as it nears completion.