Change Coming to Rittenhouse Garage

Over the weekend, we got a tip from a reader about 2028-34 Rittenhouse Sq., which is currently used as a parking garage.

The building

The three story building looks like it was once a warehouse of some kind, though we couldn't tell you exactly what it was originally built for. Over the past several years, as we mentioned, it's been used as a parking garage. But people who use this property to store their cars recently got notice that the garage is closing down at the end of the year.

Signs on the building

Closer look

The garage's closure is, according to signs in the window, due to an upcoming development at the property. But we don't know what's going on. Permits have been pulled for minor masonry work and the removal of an underground tank, but that's no indication of whether the building will be renovated to accommodate residential uses for example, or demolished and replaced with something new. Has anyone in the neighborhood heard about what's planned for this property?

We are crossing our fingers, hoping for a conversion. The building is certainly unique on one of the more interesting blocks in town, mixing in with residences and former stables. It would be a shame, to us, to lose the building. No matter what happens to the building though, it dozens of people are going to need to find themselves a new garage spot. Alternately, the streets will soon be flooded with a bunch of newly homeless cars, just in time for New Year's.