Years ago, when the Southwark towers were still standing, we don’t imagine any private developers would have thought for a moment about the tiny 1000 block of S Reese St., running between Carpenter Street and Washington Avenue, just west of 5th Street. In the ten years since those towers were demolished, however, and especially in the last couple of years, quite a bit of development has taken place in this area. Larger-scale examples include Queens Walk at 5th and Montrose, and a collection of newer rental homes on the north side of the 500 block of Carpenter Street.

A couple of those new construction homes

Next week, developer IDM Holdings LLC will appear before the ZBA to present plans to build two new homes at 1007-09 S Reese St., which is, frankly, still not the most development-ready block we’ve seen lately.

Looking south

Between the swarm of flies and a collection of stray cats, we weren’t exactly struck with the vision of two new homes on this block. Despite this, these developers intend to build two four story homes, designed by Harman Deutsch. Here’s a closer look at the lots in question, currently being used as parking spaces.

The lots

We’re not sure whether these will be for sale or for rent, but we’re sure they will be on the cozy side, as the lots are 491 sqft and 560 sqft, respectively. And while it’s true that there’s new construction all over the place, these homes are a couple hundred feet away from the PHA housing development that replaced the Southwark towers. Again, this gives us a sense that these will be rentals.

PHA homes around the corner

If we get some new info on this project, we’ll be sure to pass it along.