We were drawn to the 4th & Queen intersection recently, thanks to a reader wondering about a zoning notice on the southeast corner. This building was renovated a few years back, along with a number of buildings to the south. That renovation included the closing of Queen Village Pizza and the opening of the vastly superior Little Italy 2 Pizza. Considering that there was a bunch of work done here so recently, we were confused about what was happening.

Southeast Corner Of 4th & Queen
Southeast corner of 4th & Queen

To be honest, we’re still a bit confused. The zoning application seeks to redraw lot lines between the corner building and the three addresses to the south on 4th Street. The owners are looking to do a little demolition and build some new additions which may or may not entail a new building on the parcel to the south of the pizza place. At the end of the day, this zoning application won’t make much of a difference in anybody’s life from what we can tell, assuming it’s even approved by the ZBA.

You may be wondering then, why we’re bothering to write about this at all, considering its benign nature. Quite simply, this is just an extended introduction to what really interests us about this intersection, and that’s something that’s happening across the street. As we told you previously, developers renovated a collection of buildings on the southwest corner of this intersection into a mixed-use building called the The Revere, and as of a year ago, they were looking for a retail tenant. Signs in the window indicate that one has indeed been found.

Southwest Corner
Southwest corner

Okay, it’s hard to see the sign in this image. But it says ‘Bagels Are Coming,’ in a font that evokes Game of Thrones, and announces that the Bagel Place will be opening here. We don’t know much about this restaurant, but we have to assume that it will be more of a sit down place than top bagel competitor¬†South Street Bagels, located a few blocks to the north. We have this suspicion both because they’re opening in a 2,000 sqft space, and because their Facebook page includes an interior rendering that shows a bunch of tables.

Interior Rendering
Interior rendering

So there you go. Another restaurant is coming soon to Fabric Row, and bagels are getting a little more plentiful in Queen Village. We’d be interested to hear whether this place has any other kind of hook, like coffee or pastries, or whether they’ll simply be trading on quality bagels. Well, we can’t speak to the quality just yet- but at the very least we can see from Facebook that they’ll be boiling their bagels, and that’s a great start.