Now you don’t have to rent an electric scooter just because it makes you look super fly, you can also rent to support an artistic cause. Scoot2You is truly an original endeavor by composition; the sight of their newly acquired space at 747 S. Fourth Street only furthers this sentiment. Opened about three weeks ago, now occupying what was, up until recently, an empty room for five to seven years, the space now inhabited by Scoot2You boasts a clean, classy look with bright colors, shiny scooters and vibrantly decorated walls fueled by the work of aspiring artists, some of which operate the store.

Store owner, president and artist Kinny Peterkin, established the business with double intent: to help expose talented artists by opening a gallery and to give visitors and residents an improved and more efficient way to explore Philly. Scooters are inexpensive to operate, averaging around 75-100 mpg, and offer an easy way to enjoy some fresh air while exploring the city. The idea is to help the scooter business fuel the art gallery and vice versa; as stated by Peterkin: “helping one thing help another.” Like their emblem (which suggests a rotating wheel) the gallery and business will propel one another to revolve. Employee and gallery artist Greg Onsa explains furthermore the scooter business will allow them to lower commission prices on art pieces displayed in the gallery space, making them more affordable for potential buyers.

The store, scooters and art are all well-kept and attractive. And on these hot, sunny Summer days a scooter ride is certainly more appealing than being locked up in a car or trudging along on foot. Scoot2You accepts both walk-ins and reservations for scooter rentals. They can even deliver directly to your door. For more info, or specific questions you can contact Kinny at or Greg at—Alex Graziano