The corner spot at Third and South Street is a rotating door for retail spots (most recently it was  T-mobile store and, after that, Platinum). Next Friday, according to the owner, it will open its doors as the Philly Dream Shop (best sign we’ve seen in that spot, yet, marketing-wise). We were so enticed by the name, hoping for Dylan’s Candy Bar-sized lollipops, edible teacups and clouds of Dippin’ Dots. Unfortunately, we weren’t even close. For the owner, dream = a souvenir and smoke shop. Really? Souvenirs? With an awesome sign and spot like that? Before our heart sank again for having any kind of hope for South Street, the owner added “Well, maybe it will change. We don’t really know. It will be a surprise.” So in a week, not only will the interior be complete, but apparently they will also have figured out what to sell, and stocked the shelves with it. Dream Shop is turning out to be a great name for them. —Caitlin Connors