A reader gave us the heads up that change was afoot at the northeast corner of 2nd & Christian, where a 7-11 arrived on the scene in the last couple of weeks. This store replaces a 24/7 Food Mart, which years ago took over this mini-shopping mall space from a Wawa (of blessed memory).

In the past

Just the other day

According to this thread on Philadelphia Speaks, a recent robbery could have been the final straw for the proprietors of the 24/7, but we’re guessing this change was in the works for many months. We can’t say we’re terribly upset at this transition, as the 24/7 never impressed us in several visits, and we love Slurpees.

Perhaps most important to some neighbors, a crucial inaccuracy is finally being corrected. See, with a name like 24/7, the implication for the casual passerby is that the store is open all of the time. This, in contrast to 7-11, whose name would seem to imply hours of 7 in the morning until 11 at night. Frustratingly, the 24/7 was only, in fact, open from 7 til 11. It would seem only appropriate, and somehow less aggravating, if the 7-11 were to be open 24 hours a day.

Confused? Have a Slurpee. But don’t drink it too fast!!!