The 1000 block of Reese Street is a carriage-sized road just north of Washington in between 5th and 6th Streets. The entrance to this teeny block is on Carpenter Street, across from a string of new row homes. And about three quarters of the way down this block is where a three-story single-family home will soon replace a yard with brush growing as tall as two people.

Future home

Looking up the block reveals homes and vacant lots

1031 Reese could be the first in what may soon be a string of new construction along this narrow street, where it seems like a number of vacant parcels now serve as parking spaces for drivers likely pleased with the ease of their parking arrangements in a tough area to find parking after 6 pm on weekdays.

The ZBA recently approved an application from developers wishing to construct a three-story home with a roof-deck. The Queen Village Neighbors Association also supported the project. 1031 Reese is on the east side of the block and is the fourth one in from the curve of the street, which when looked at on a map resembles a backwards L, with League Street as its base. The developer, IDM, owns a number of parcels on the block including 1007-09, and 1032. Another group of properties on the block is owned by Brown Stone Properties, which owns 1014, 1030, and 1036-38 Reese Street.

Property location, Nebinger nearby

The block represents an attractive equation for the interested. It’s located about a block south of the Nebinger School, which has been host to a variety of green improvements and community rallying, and was recently selected by the PWD to serve as a citywide model for how schools can improve their stormwater management systems. This summer, various improvements like a rain garden and outside classroom space are being constructed at Nebinger. So, in addition to the various quality ethnic eateries within walking distance and the proximity to Center City, this block also has nearby parks and schools that are being retrofitted with green infrastructure. Perhaps these developers will soon think about building on some of their other vacant lots that string along this little block.

–Lou Mancinelli