We were walking around Queen Village over the weekend, on our way to get some tasty John’s Water Ice, and noticed a big new building on the little 600 block of Fulton Street. This block is easy to miss, as it dead ends halfway through.

Looking east on the 600 block of Fulton

The projecting sign off the front of the new building at 602 Fulton St. caught our eye though, and we walked down the street to investigate. Upon closer examination, we discovered a four story building on a double wide lot with four condo units. A sign in the window indicated that V2 Properties is behind the project.

New building
Closer look

The developers are calling the new building “The Fulton,” and have already listed the units for sale. Prices range from $425K for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom unit to $700K for a 4 bedroom/3 bathroom unit. One condo, a 2 bedroom/1.5 bathroom unit listed for $465K, is currently under agreement. Given the relative lack of new construction condos in this neighborhood and the desirability of the nearby Meredith School, we imagine all the units will sell in short order.

While we were on the block, another building caught our eye on the north side of the street. Up a small alleyway is a three story building that’s very shallow and also happens to be in shell condition.

Shell nearby
Closer look

Even though we wrote about vacant Queen Village properties just last week, we would still contend that it’s quite unsual to find empty buildings in this neighborhood. It turns out the building is associated with 767 S. 6th St., a single family home that appears to be in good condition from the front. We imagine this building was constructed as an in-law home at some point in the past, but fell into disrepair somewhere along the line. Perhaps the owners of the property are planning to fix it up someday, or maybe a developer will be able to convince them to subdivide their property so the building can get brought back into active use. It would certainly be a cool spot, as it sits doubly off the beaten path.