Previously housing a software company, a space at the corner of 3rd and Catharine Sts. is currently available for rent for $1500/mo. This includes about 900 sqft. on the first floor and 900 sqft. in the basement. While this corner could continue to serve as a decent location for an office, it seems to us like it could also succeed as a retail space, considering the businesses on two of the other corners of this intersection.

New Wave Cafe, northwest corner

Dmitri's, northeast corner

A retail use for the space would probably necessitate opening up the windows to make the space more welcoming, and would definitely require a zoning variance. Since a variance would require support from the community, we’d be interested to hear what our readers in Queen Village would like to see here. Additional seating for Dmitri’s? A new bar/restaurant? A fabric store? A real estate office? Do neighbors want a destination retail business, or would people prefer that it remain a quieter office space because it’s in the middle of the neighborhood?