Generally when we talk about Washington Avenue, we're harping on possible projects west of Broad Street. Despite the fact that the other half of Washington Avenue is more developed with residential uses and less of a moat between neighborhoods, it's still ripe with redevelopment opportunities. Recently, we learned from Passyunk Post that developers are eyeing the northeast corner of 6th & Washington for a major redevelopment. Currently, it's got three residential properties.

Current view

Next month, there's gonna be a presentation to QVNA for a seven-story building with ground-floor commercial and twelve apartments above. This would be a major change for this intersection, which has already seen some changes in recent years. A new building went up on the southeast corner a couple of years ago which is currently home to a dentist's office. Just to the south, a long-vacant property was replaced even more recently with a new mixed-use building.

Newer development across the street

Not to be outdone, just a block to the east there's a four-story building with a first floor pharmacy that's a relatively new addition to the neighborhood. To us, this serves as pretty strong inspiration for the aforementioned seven-story proposal.

A block away, this went up a couple years ago

Assuming it gets community support and ZBA approval, a project at 6th & Washington would represent a significant step forward on Washington Avenue. In a perfect world, another successful mixed-use project on this corridor will serve as inspiration for other developers and lead to other improvements in the future. Perhaps a big project at 12th & Washington? Or anything on the other side of Broad Street? We're not picky, we just want to see Washington Avenue improve in any way possible.