We love fabric row. We appreciate that we can head over there and get replacement buttons for a suit, fabric to make some curtains, and/or whatever textiles our hearts desire. But it’s not all fabric over there. Famous 4th Street Delicatessen, House of Tea, and Essene Market have been stalwarts on this stretch, holding down the fort for the non-fabric craving set. In more recent years, places like Juju Salon & Organics, Red Hook Coffee and Tea, and Bicycle Revolutions have opened, luring a slightly younger demographic to 4th St.

Fabric row back in the day, from Philaplace.com

One thing we’ve noticed over time is the number of vacant commercial spaces on Fabric Row, with many of them sitting for years. One such space that caught our eye and seems desirable: 770 S. 4th St.

On the corner, lots of windows

The space, on the southwest corner of 4th and Fulton Sts., was most recently a fabrics store and has about 3500 sqft of interior space for rent. We called the phone number on the sign in the window, and the person who picked up wasn’t sure about the rent, but we think we heard someone say $2500 per month in the background. With Red Hook Coffee right across the street, maybe someone could succeed with a new business at this location. On the other hand, there’s a vacant space across the street and one several just up the block, so it ain’t a sure thing by a long shot.

Across the street

A few doors down from Red Hook

So what is it about Fabric Row that makes it so tough to lease commercial space? Lack of foot traffic? Challenges of getting zoning approval from QVNA? Something we’re overlooking? It seems to us that Fabric Row, while moving in the right direction, still has plenty of untapped potential. What’s it gonna take for it to the move on to next level? Or does everyone like it just the way it is?