It seems we’re covering a lot of demolition these days. But this one doesn’t hurt as much as the Bair Funeral Home or the Unification Family Church, as it involves a relatively unimpressive building that was already altered beyond recognition. If you visit 2nd & Washington, you’ll notice that the building on the northwest corner is mostly gone. And as we said, it wasn’t all that great to begin with.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 At 4.37.28 PM
In the past
Ongoing demolition

Developers bought this double-wide property earlier this year with demolition on the mind. New construction, as you might expect, will soon rise here, with plans calling for a quartet of duplexes. Two of the duplexes will have frontage on 2nd Street, while the other two duplexes will sit in the rear of the property, accessed via a walkway in between the two front buildings. In essence, the buildings will be arranged like the letter ‘C,’ in a layout that takes maximum advantage of the size and shape of the parcel.

Already the developers have listed units for sale. Lower units will have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and about 1,100 sqft of interior space and are listed for $300K. The upper units will be roomier, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and rooftop decks, and they’re listed for $500K.

1022 S 2nd Rend
Image from the listing shows an idea of what buildings might look like

Of course, this isn’t the only condo project on this block. As we told you previously, V2 Properties owns the building next door which was home to Snockey’s Oyster House for many years. They’re in the process of converting that building to residential use, and it’ll have seven condo units when all is said and done. And it seems they’ve made some progress since our visit a few months ago, as the building now has windows. Added with the project next door, this little corner of Queen Village should be getting 15 new condo units within the next year and it bears watching to see just how quickly the developers for the two projects are able to find buyers. Both developers are going to need to be on their respective games, as the competition could get fierce.