It’s as easy to miss Kauffman Street as it is to misspell its name (we keep forgetting that second ‘f’). For those unfamiliar, Kauffman Street is an east-west street that’s just south of Catharine. It’s one of those baby streets that comes and goes across the city, running in Queen Village for three quarters of a block between 3rd and 4th, and half a block between 5th and 6th. Then it goes away for like a mile and a half, reappearing as a narrow alleyway between 22nd and 24th Streets.

While the Graduate Hospital blocks of Kauffman only enjoy rear views of homes, the Queen Village Kauffman blocks actually have people living on them. The 300 block is of interest today, as we recently spied a new home under construction on this block as we were making our way down Fabric Row. Developers purchased 320-24 Kauffman St. last year and consolidated the long vacant lots into a single property which is quite wide but not so deep. Though the parcel is zoned for multi-family use, the developers opted to to build a single home here, eyeing the top of the sale market. The place, designed by Gnome Architects, definitely catches the eye, even if it’s a bit hard to photograph due to the narrowness of the street.

View of the home
From the other side
320 Kaufman_exterior
Project rendering

As you can see, the home is well on its way in terms of construction and we can share that it’s currently listed for sale, for just shy of $1.9M. What does that get you in Queen Village? According to the listing, the home has four bedrooms, with one on the first floor and the rest on the 3rd. It’s also got a finished basement, 4.5 bathrooms, two-car parking (with a car lift accommodating the second spot), high end appliances and finishes, an elevator, and a roof deck, naturally. It will also include views into a semi-hidden apartment complex with some vaguely Melrose Place vibes.

North side of the street
Little courtyard

We aren’t quite sure when, but a row of old buildings on Catharine Street were combined into a single apartment complex at some point, with some apartments having entrances on Catharine but most having entrances from Kauffman Street. There are three dozen units here, and we have to think that in the days before COVID, the courtyard was a really nice selling point for the apartments. These days, not so much. Be that as it may, it will someday be a great selling point again, at which time there will be some well heeled new neighbors living in the pretty new house across the street.