We stopped by Bainbridge Street Barrel House the other day and had a quick chat with the owner of the business, who tells us that they should be up and running right after Halloween. In talking with the General Contractor, we learned that they’ve passed inspection and are just putting the finishing touches on the establishment before opening the doors to the public. Looking at the exterior, it’s easy to forget that this building was one of the biggest eyesores in the neighborhood for years and years.

The other day

Remember when this corner featured an abandoned appliance store with boarded up windows upstairs? And the building next door was also vacant and had a (really awesome) dalmatian mural on it?

Times have changed. Image from Bainbridge Street Barrel House Facebook page

The transformation of this corner began when Bistrot La Minette opened about four years ago, and will soon be complete. The inside of the space looks really nice as well, with a combination of booth seating, bar seating, and regular table seating. We’re especially fond of the lighting choices, which include fixtures made out of mason jars. Obviously, there’s a bunch of cleaning up and training that needs to take place in the coming week, but the space is definitely coming together.

Bainbridge Street side

Bar area

Awesome lights

Obviously, this is a huge win for the neighborhood, and we wish all the best to the folks at Bainbridge Street Barrel House. And with a warehouse pretty much next door on its way to being renovated, as well as what we’re hearing is the completed sale of the corner of 5th & Bainbridge, this block’s progress isn’t finished by a long shot.