For many years, you could find an L-shaped surface parking lot at 512-14 S. Front St., just around the corner from South Street's hullabaloo. Back in the winter of 2013, we attended a QVNA meeting where developers presented plans to redevelop the lot, and the community group offered their support. Checking back in on the site a year and a half later, we discovered a project that's all finished.

New condo buildings

Building on Naudain St.

As we told you previously, two buildings on Front Street contain six condo units, and an additional four units can be found in a building on Naudain Street. All but one of the units have sold, with a three bedroom unit on Front Street still available for $679,500. Architecturally, we appreciate that the buildings on Front Street and the Naudain Street structure look decidedly different from each other. Not that this is so groundbreaking, but it's nice to see a little variety in the same project.

At the corner, the home is for sale

Perhaps trying to take advantage of the interest in the corner, the owner of the huge property on the corner of Front & Naudain has listed it for sale. At a curiously specific price of $956,897, we don't think they'll find any takers, even with a giant lot size of 24'x100'. The listing describes the property as being set up as a quadplex, and the lack of interior photos and the overgrown state of the facade give us the impression that it ain't in great shape. On the other hand, with a small investment of a mere few hundred thou to fix the place up, it could be a palace. We'll just have to wait and see whether anyone takes that plunge.

Disclosure: The developer and realtor for this project is affiliated with OCF Realty, Naked Philly's parent company.