Update: CATCH Building New Veteran Housing in Point Breeze, now with plans!

As we mentioned last week, CATCH is building Patriot House, renovating three row houses on S. 15th St. between Federal and Wharton Sts. for veterans struggling with substance abuse issues and mental health disorders. Yesterday, we were contacted by a representative for the architects on the project, KSK Architects, who sent along a site plan and elevations.

Looks like the facades will look very similar at the end


This explains a lot

The reason for demolishing the rear section of the northernmost building is for the construction of a small courtyard between the Carlisle St. units and the 15th St. units. Also, it looks like four trees will be planted as a result of this effort, which will have a significant effect on walkability, especially on 15th St. According to KSK, the mural will remain on 1215 S. 15th, though the Mural Arts folks will revisit it and might modify it somewhat.

Mural to remain, but might change some

Thanks for passing along this information, KSK!