Two New Foundations in Point Breeze, With More Homes Coming Soon Nearby

We were in the area the other day and noticed that two new foundations have appeared on the northwest corner of 20th & Wharton. You may recall (though we forgot), we wrote about this project about a year ago, after the developer presented to the community.

In the past


In case you don’t recall, these duplexes will have one-bedroom units on their first floors and two-bedroom units upstairs. With a creative design from KJO Architecture, these new buildings will have a transformative effect on a formerly vacant corner.

Project rendering

It’s important to note, though, that the duplexes will only cover half of the vacant lot pictured above. But something tells us that those lots won’t remain vacant for long. Another developer purchased them a few weeks ago, and we don’t think that it was to hold onto them as vacant lots for the long term. Look for two single family homes to rise in the leftover vacant lots to the north of the duplexes.

But that’s not all for this block! Earlier this month, 20th & Titan LP purchased the southwest corner of 20th & Titan, another long-vacant lot. We’re hearing that will also be a single family home, and groundbreaking should take place in the coming months. And don’t forget about plans for two single-family homes on the 2000 block of Titan, which should also break ground by the end of the year.

By this time in 2014, we expect there to just be one vacant lot left on this block. Can you guess who owns it?