Tree Growing Out of Hicks Street Home

Point Breeze has experienced considerable redevelopment over the last few years, but there's still no shortage of vacant lots or empty houses. A few weeks ago, we told you about a couple of projects on the 1300 block of Hicks Street– a new construction home had replaced a vacant lot, and an interesting looking rehab was next to some lots that still sat vacant. Today, we return to this block and consider another rehab that's next to a vacant home.

Vacant home

1332 and 1334 S. Hicks St. were clearly built by the same builder at the same time, probably about a hundred years ago. But they're in very different condition right now. Recently, developers rehabbed 1334 S. Hicks St., with new floors, new bathrooms, a new kitchen, and central air. It was on the market for less than three weeks before it went under contract at a list price of just under $160K. Quick sale, reasonable price, good times for everyone.

The home next door, at 1332 S. Hicks St., is a different story. As you can see in the photo above, the front door looks like it was pulled off the shelf at Home Depot and installed haphazardly. Plywood in the windows blocks views into the house from the front. From the back, however, we learn that conditions inside are pretty rough.

Tree growing out the back

Yes folks, there's a tree growing in the middle of the house. Special thanks to the reader that sent us the image above, taken from a window in the back of their home. On the plus side, the tree appears to be in good health, and we're all about greening the city. On the other hand, it's a tree growing out of a house. And that's never ever good.

Hopefully, the owners of the property will either fix it up or sell it very soon. Aside from the fact that the front of the building is a blight to the block, the tree thing probably isn't a good thing long-term for anybody. Shouldn't the City be able to step in here and make something happen?