Transformation Coming for Point Breeze Block With Tons of Vacant Land?

We imagine that at one point in its history, the 1300 block of Chadwick Street was complete, with dozens of homes on both sides of this little street that runs between 16th & 17th, Wharton & Reed. Today, however, this block is about two-thirds vacant, with almost the entire eastern side of the street lacking buildings. But if a proposal from OCF Holdings gets support from the community and the ZBA, this block could soon see a bunch of new neighbors move in.

Current view

The developer has thirteen lots on the east side of the street under agreement with a zoning contingency, and is planning on constructing twelve homes on them. Last month, he presented preliminary plans to Newbold Neighbors for this project, and on August 22nd, he’ll be returning with more concrete plans. The project is also on the South Philadelphia H.O.M.E.S. agenda for the 26th of August, and OCF Holdings will complete the RCO circuit with Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze, on a date to be determined.

Renderings of the twelve homes

Design work for the project was done by YCH Architects, the same company that designed the OCF project at 20th & Annin. The current plans are for very similar looking homes to those built a few blocks away, though there is a willingness on the developer’s part to have a conversation about the look of the new homes. A rather lively debate on this subject can be found on the Newbold Neighbors Facebook page. One challenge that one should keep in mind while considering the design issues here is that the homes will sit on lots that are roughly 15′ wide by a mere 44′ deep.

The developer is also working on building a few homes on the western side of this street, with a different design concept. The rendering below is for a project on a different block, but is similar to what will likely go up on the west side of Chadwick Street.

Do you like this more than the first rendering? Less? The same?

The developer has done his best to engage the neighbors on this street, and to address any concerns they might have with either project. Most folks have seemed supportive to this point, welcoming the infill. Some people who don’t live on the block have a concern that they’ll be losing an informal dog park, but the the fact that the lots are all privately owned makes it virtually impossible that the City would have ever been able to establish an actual dog park on these lots. One more interesting point, the developer will be donating $1,000 per home to Childs Elementary as part of a long-term partnership with the neighborhood school.

If you’d like more info on this project, we’d suggest attending one of the meetings later this month. Should be interesting (as always) to hear what everybody has to say.

Disclosure: Naked Philly and OCF Holdings are owned by OCF Realty.