Ten Homes Under Construction on the 1400 Block of S. Bouvier Street

Point Breeze has clearly experienced a major development bump in recent years, with projects spread all over the neighborhood. It's at a point now where it's tough to find any block that doesn't have at least one project ongoing at the moment. Some blocks even have multiple projects under construction at the same time. But the 1400 block of S. Bouvier St. might be the most active block in the neighborhood. Currently, by our quick count, there are about a dozen homes under construction on this block.

Northern end of the block just a few years ago

Northern end of the block today

Toward the north side of the block, you can see a new home has appeared at 1411 S. Bouvier St., a property which actually sold for $335K earlier this summer. Across the street, two different developers are constructing three homes. 1418 S. Bouvier St., the home with the bay, is currently listed for sale for $360K and the others aren't yet on the market but we'd expect a similar price point. Of the four homes we just mentioned, three have replaced vacant lots and one replaced a blighted building.

Mid-block in 2011

Mid-block, current view

The largest single developer on this block is Innova, a company that almost always does affordable housing development. In this case, they are indeed doing "affordable housing" and will eventually build eight two-story homes on the block as part of the South Point project. By our count, five of the homes now under construction are from Innova, with price points betwen $195K and $250K. You can also see a new home in the photo above from developer Frank Kumas, a home that's under agreement at a list price of $375K.

Southern side of the block in the past

Southern end of the block the other day

Close to Dickinson Street, a large vacant lot has given way to five more new homes. Two are from Innova, another comes from Mr. Kumas, and the other two are from other developers. The result of all this construction is an architectural mish-mash, with a mix of older two-story homes, new two-story homes, and a collection of three-story homes from different architects. The purists among us would perhaps prefer homes that look more alike and might argue that the variety on the block is dizzying. We would suggest, however, that the block looks much better today than it did in 2011. And it will look even better once all the construction is finished.

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