Several Projects on the Docket in Point Breeze

We generally like to tell you about projects after the wheels start turning in the community process, but tonight we're gonna make an exception. On December 15th at 6:30pm, South Philadelphia Homes is holding a community meeting for several larger projects planned for Point Breeze. Later this week, we'll have some additional info on these projects, but for now here's the agenda:

– Thirteen units at 24th & Manton with thirteen parking spots

24th & Manton
– Expansion of Madira at 1252 S. 21st St., 
– Duplex 1301 S. 23rd St.
– Signage at 1447 Point Breeze Ave.
– Additiona at 1822 Latona St.
– Four homes at 2408-14 Manton St.
– Mixed-use building at 24th & Ellsworth

24th & Ellsworth

You've heard about these meetings on this site in the past- go to one and be a part of the community process!

Disclosure: This may come as a shock but our parent company, OCF Realty, is involved in none of these projects.