Several Homes Under Construction on Two Blocks of Titan

Over a year ago, we visited the 1900 block of Titan Street in Point Breeze, and told you about plans to replace three older homes with new three story structures. We revisited the block the other day, and discovered that two of those homes are now under construction.

1925 Titan St. with a setback

No setback needed at 1944 Titan St.

As you can see, new construction has appeared at 1925 Titan St., replacing an old row home. They didn't have to do this, but they were kind enough to maintain the cornice line at the second story before they set back the third floor. As a result, it doesn't look totally ridiculous like so many homes with a similar setback. Down the block, 1944 Titan St. has seen construction proceed at a brisk pace, and lacks a setback because it has a previously existing three story home next door. It's currently on the market at a price of $384K. We hope they get what they're asking.

In the background of the second photo above, you can see another home framed on the other side of 20th Street.

20th & Titan home

Two more on the 2000 block

We last brought these three properties to your attention right before the new year, just after groundbreaking. You can see, all three homes should be ready in the next couple of months. While the homes on the 1900 block are replacing older houses that weren't in great shape, the homes on the 2000 block are replacing long vacant lots.

It's amazing to think about the changes these two blocks have experienced in just a few months, and soon enough they'll both be getting some new neighbors.