reNewbold: PostGreen Fixes Up Point Breeze

Postgreen’s most aggressive and extensive project yet, reNewbold (Postgreen is partnering with LPMG on this), is making its home in Point Breeze (or Newbold, depending on which side of 18th street you are on or what neighborhood committee you’ve joined). On the docket for the 16th and Moore corner are 16 row homes, two condos and one retail space, all targeted to be LEED Platinum standard with a green roof and parking. This corner used to be home to an abandoned school building, which was torn down leaving just a vacant lot (the worst thing a neighborhood could have), but the new retail space coming will most likely be the core hub of the area and pave the way for future, less venturous developers looking to get involved in the area (similar to what Toll Brothers did for Graduate Hospital). We can already see it now: Newbold following in the footsteps of G Ho and Passyunk Square with neighborhood bars winning Esquire awards for great burgers and new residents happy to have access to public transportation and be close to the city. Residents of 16th and Moore will increase traffic to South Philly Taproom and Ultimo Coffee Bar and hopefully reNewbold’s retail spot will be home to some grocery store or community-needed service.