Point Breeze and Titan Project is Out of the Ground

Almost three years ago, we first brought you to the corner where Titan Street hits Point Breeze Avenue, to a large parcel that's been vacant for many years. We shared, with excitement, plans for the redevelopment of this lot with a new mixed-use building. We wondered if this development, with thirteen apartments and a first-floor commercial space, would spur new construction in the neighborhood and on the corridor, and whether it would encourage new businesses to come to Point Breeze.

In the past, a huge vacant lot

In the years that have passed since we first broke news of this project, construction has indeed continued in the surrounding neighborhood. And a few new businesses have opened on Point Breeze Avenue, including OCF Coffee House, a new pharmacy, and Breezy's Cafe. But this property has continued to sit, embroiled in litigation. A few months ago, the lawsuit was thrown out and construction finally got started. Passing by earlier today, we discovered a building that's been fully framed to two stories, with work taking place on the third.

Current view. Floor to ceiling windows partially covered at the moment

From Titan Street

Remember, there were previously plans for a pharmacy in the first floor space here. But in the time between the original plan presentation and the beginning of construction, the tenant went out of business at another location and they're now out of the picture. And with a pharmacy opening up nearby in the meantime, that use doesn't seem like the way to go here anymore. Currently, the developers are in negotiations with a Rita's franchise to take over the space. The construction timeline could break perfectly here, allowing for a springtime opening.

This project is a perfect example of the kind of development that can move this corridor forward. Seven homes could have been built here by right, but the developers instead chose to go with a large mixed-use building, adding a large retail space and a bunch of new residents to patronize neighborhood businesses. The hope is, as it was before, that this will spur additional construction and renovation on Point Breeze Avenue, bringing additional commerce to the area.

Disclosure: OCF Realty, parent company of Naked Philly, is the broker for this project.