Phase One of Renewbold is Framed…

In October, we told you that groundbreaking for Renewbold would finally be taking place at 16th & Moore. For decades, this was the site of the Drexel School. After the school was demolished, the parcel sat vacant for several years, as planning for Renewbold progressed. Now, nine new homes have sprung from the ground.

Framed out

Phase 2 coming soon

In case you've forgotten, this project comes from LPMG, the guys behind the SPTR and American Sardine BarPostgreen has done the design work, and Hybrid Construction is doing the building. Financing, in case you don't see the sign above, comes from Valley Green Bank. According to the Postgreen site, the first phase of the project is almost completely sold out. Only the two northernmost homes are unsold, with the corner property currently reserved. The last two-story home is still potentially available for a price of $269K.

But fear not if you'd like to own a new green house in Newbold/Point Breeze! With the success of the first phase, more homes are surely on the way very soon. The second phase of the project will include seven new three story homes, two condo units, and a corner commercial space. Prices for the three story homes in the first phase topped out in the mid-$300K range. Expect prices in that range or even higher for the next collection of homes.

Rendering of phase 2

It's a wonderful thing to see this project moving steadily forward at last. With the second phase surely neigh, are there any requests from people who live nearby for a commercial tenant?