New Projects on Annin Continue Its Resuscitation

Few blocks in Philadelphia have experienced a transformation like the 2000 block of Annin Street. Just three years ago, this block, whose north side is dominated by the backs of the homes on Ellsworth Street, possessed just six inhabited homes out of 28 developable lots. It looked more like Detroit than Philadelphia.

In the past

As the years have passed, the progress has been incredible. Let's walk down the block together, from east to west, to look at the changes and consider some new projects that have just gotten underway.

Formerly blighted corner

At the corner of 20th & Annin is an attractive community garden. Let's not rehash its history today, ok? Let's just agree that it's prettier than the litter-filled, overgrown, Jersey-barrier-fenced lot that immediately preceded it. Moving on.

New foundation

At 2006 Annin St., JBS Renovations is building a new three-story home. You may recognize this name, as we brought a project they're doing on Federal Street to your attention just last week. In the background of the photo above, you can see three homes that were built in the last year, replacing vacant lots.

One big vacant lot remaining

A couple doors down from those three new homes sits the largest vacant lot remaining on the block. Split between two different owners, both of whom acquired their properties in the last couple of years, it seems likely that this lot will soon be filled in.

$400K homes with garages

Kind of like the former lots immediately to the west, which have been filled in by four new four-story homes with garages, built by Streamline. We told you about this project earlier this year. At least a couple of these homes have already settled, at prices approaching $400K. We would never have predicted such a thing just a couple of years ago.

The first bunch of new homes on the block, built in 2011

Pictured above is the project that attracted us to this block in the first place a few years back. The six homes at the block's western end were surely the first new construction homes on the block in decades. They've been rentals since they were built, but we wouldn't be shocked to see them flipped in the next few years.

New hole at the end of the block

Better look

The same guy who built the six homes above is now at work on a project that will go from Annin Street to Federal Street, fronting 21st Street. Originally, developer Reuven Mosheyev wanted to build fourteen condo units on this site. After some significant back and forth with the community, he completely changed his plan and he's now building seven homes with rear-access parking. The bet here is that these will be listed for sale, not for rent.

So there you have it, folks. A ton of new homes, a few on the way, and only a handful of vacant lots left. In many ways, this block remainds us of the 2100 block of Carpenter Street, but the redevelopment has come so much more quickly. Just think, if this block can experience such a quick transformation, what does that mean for other blocks in the neighborhood still dominated by vacant land and blight?