Neighborhood Cleanup in Point Breeze This Saturday, Featuring the Water Department

This just in, from the shameless self-promotion department: OCF Realty is hosting a neighborhood cleanup in Point Breeze on Saturday, June 9th, at 11am, at Chew Park. But this will be no ordinary block cleanup. No, this one will feature (wait for it…) an educational component! Yes folks, before the sweeping and shoveling commence, Dottie Baumgarten from the Philadelphia Water Department¬†will give a brief talk on the effect of improper waste disposal on drinking water.

Chew Park

After Ms. Baumgarten gives her spiel, folks from OCF, neighborhood volunteers, and maybe even you will fan out to tidy things up, and properly dispose of waste, as to hopefully improve the quality of our drinking water ever so slightly. Speaking of drinking, refreshments will be provided to volunteers, along with trash bags and gloves. Some shovels will be on hand, but bringing your own would certainly be a help.

Entrance to the park is on Ellsworth St.

So come on out! Whether you live in the area and want your streets cleaner, or whether you just like sweeping up other peoples’ garbage, this is sure to be a worthwhile way to spend your Saturday morning.

Full disclosure: OCF Realty is the parent company of Naked Philly.