Major Changes on the 1800 Block of Gerritt

If we turn back the clock a mere two years and visit the 1800 block of Gerritt Street, we find a block with mostly well tended two-story homes, a handful of blighted buildings, and a bunch of vacant lots. The two largest lots were very well tended, and the tables, umbrellas, and sheds suggest that they were used as extended yards for some of the residents of the block.

Just a couple years ago

One of the large lots

Visiting the block last week, we see a radical and rapid change. By our count, this block has seen over a dozen new homes started over the last two years. Some are already finished and sold, and some are just getting started. Needless to say, the large, well tended vacant lots are gone, overtaken by new construction. Check out these images:

This is pretty much the same view as the image above

Three new homes filled in the other large vacant lot

Two more homes getting framed out

Monolithic addition

Seven homes sold on this block in the last year, with prices ranging from $350K to $390K. Currently, there are three homes actively listed for sale, with 1825 Gerritt St. listed for $409K, 1836 Gerritt St. listed for $439K, and 1816 Gerritt St. listed for $450K, and a few more homes are still in the pipeline. What's amazing, aside from the avalanche of development on this previously untouched block, is that all of these new homes are 14'-wide or slightly narrower. But given the demand for new construction in Point Breeze right now, it seems that buyers aren't really fazed by narrower homes on this skinny block. Given the heat in the market, we'd think that all three of the currently listed homes will be snatched up pretty soon, and we'd also guess that there's more construction still to come on this little block.