Interesting Rehab on the 1500 block of Ellsworth St

Over the weekend, we spotted an unusual looking rehab ongoing at 1523 Ellsworth St.

In the past

According to the zoning application, developers Urban Real Estate Investments, who purchased the property about a year ago for $70K, are adding a one-story addition to a two story portion, a two story addition to a one story portion, and a three story addition to the rear of the property. Looking at the progress at this time, we can see the three story addition very clearly, but don’t really understand exactly what else is going on.


From what we can gather, the developer has (somewhat sloppily) demoed the second and third stories of the existing building and will be rebuilding them in short order. Unusually, the framing work for the addition to the property looks like it was taking place during the demolition of the existing structure. Hey, whatever works.

Once all the work is complete, the building will remain a three-family home.

Good news to see this rehab on a block that could use quite a few more.