Home Under Construction Next to Concert Garden

In Point Breeze, many long-vacant lots have been turned into community gardens over the years, replacing blight with plantings and greenery. Some of these gardens are carefully maintained once they're established, while others become overgrown after a time. Still others disappear when the vacant lots are redeveloped. At the corner of 21st & Ellsworth, the Concert Garden is one of the most long-standing and successful community gardens in the neighborhood. Owned by the Neighborhood Gardens Association, this corner should remain a garden forever.

Concert Garden

Our attention was drawn to the garden recently when a reader gave us the heads up about construction next door. 2054 Ellsworth St. has been on and off the market repeatedly over the years. In 2006, it was listed at $340K and the listing boasted that the duplex's six bedrooms were individually rented on a bi-weekly basis for $250. In 2009, it sold for a somewhat reasonable $99K, and then it turned over again in 2012 for just under $150K. Recently, the old facade came off the building.

Building is missing its front

While the exterior of the property is getting work done, we would have to imagine that some work is taking place inside as well. We would guess that the owner will be maintaining the two units in the building as rentals, but it would be fascinating to see what would happen if they were offered as condos. While the condo movement really took off in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood while it was experiencing redevelopment, we can't really think of any condos in Point Breeze. It would certainly be interesting to see what they would sell for, especially considering the property next door sold late last year for $375K. With the garden on the other side and potential for parking in the back, we could imagine two condos selling for more than the price of a single home.

And hey, it isn't our money, so why not watch and learn while somebody else goes through the exercise?