Good Stuff Happening on the 2000 Block of Wharton Street

It's the calm before the storm on the 2000 block of Wharton Street. By "the calm," we mean there's a few homes under construction. By "the storm," of course, we mean that dozens of new homes are on the horizon. But first let's consider the present, shall we?

A new home and a rehab close to PB Ave.

Close to Point Breeze Avenue, we see a pair of newer looking homes. We actually gave you the heads up about the construction of 2026 Wharton St., the home on the left, about a year and a half ago. This had been a vacant lot for many years but now the construction is finished and new residents have moved in. As for 2028 Wharton St., you can see from the wall that's partially stucco and partially siding that it's actually an addition and renovation, not a new home. Nevertheless, we expect it will sell for a pretty penny once construction concludes.

A newer home with two more sprouting on either side

Developers built a new home at 2023 Wharton St. a couple of years ago, but the heating and cooling bills were surely on the high end because of the vacant lots on either side. Now, the same folks that built the home in the middle are replacing those lots with new homes. A sign of the changing market in the neighborhood, they paid about $60K per lot in 2014 for 2021 and 2025 Wharton St., but 2023 Wharton St. cost under $15K back in 2009. And all of the lots would certainly sell for over $60K today.

Looking west from 20th & Wharton

These projects are all a welcome sight, but they're just a warmup for the main event that's coming soon to this block. Remember, the ZBA approved twenty-two homes at the corner of 20th & Wharton over the summer. The developers (who happen to own this website) have demolished the warehouse that stood here previously, and they're currently working through the permitting process. Look for construction to begin very soon. And don't forget 2012 Wharton St., where developers put plans on hold for 48 new homes but will soon present revised plans to the community and then go before the ZBA. So yeah, there's some excitement here today, but check back in a year or so and you might find that half the block is under construction.