Five New Homes Will Change The 1900 Block of Alter Street, Plus A Buried Lede!

In March 2011, developer Mial Incorporated went before the ZBA with plans to construct five new homes at 1910-18 Alter St., in Point Breeze. The block, as it’s currently constituted, has mostly two-story homes on the south side of the street, along with a couple of large, vacant lots. On the north side are the rear walls of the buildings that front Washington Ave.

Looking west

The proposed homes were conforming in terms of height and use, but didn’t have enough rear yard space, which necessitated the variance. Though there was some opposition to the project from a few members of the community who are often always opposed to market rate development in the neighborhood, the ZBA approved the project.

In April, according to court records, Point Breeze resident Betty Beaufort, who lives almost half a mile away from the Alter Street homes, appealed the ZBA decision. After nearly six months of expensive (for the developer) legal wrangling, the Court of Common Pleas dismissed the completely unnecessary appeal.

In recent weeks, construction has begun…

Hole has been dug
Footers are going in

The homes, once completed, will be approximately 2,200 sqft and will include four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. And <gasp> roof decks! Oh, and the developer will be working with local artists to paint a mural on the wall on the northern side of the block.

OCF Realty will be representing the developer on the sales side and will begin marketing the homes next week- folks who purchase mid-construction will be able to choose finishes. The homes will be available for sale, starting at $309,000.

Oh, and speaking of OCF Realty… <drum roll please>

OCF Holdings learned earlier today that their two hotly contested Point Breeze projects got approved by the ZBA! Hopefully, OCF Cafe and the mixed-use project at Point Breeze & Titan won’t have to go through the legal wringer like the Alter Street homes mentioned above. Hopefully, neighbors who opposed this project won’t attempt to delay them with needless appeals. Hopefully, nobody will get in the way of Point Breeze landing a new coffee shop and a new pharmacy as quickly as possible.

But we’re not holding our breath.

Full disclosure: OCF Holdings is owned by OCF Realty, the parent company of Naked Philly.