Five Homes Coming to Vacant Point Breeze Corner

It's amazing to reflect that just a couple of years ago, the development frontier in northern Point Breeze was Wharton Street. Now, we've seen all kinds of proposals south of Wharton, notably the fifty home project proposed between Wharton and Reed on their 2000 blocks. And of course there are all kinds of other one-off projects we've seen south of Wharton, including new construction and rehabs. Today, we have news of a proposed five-home development on the 1900 block of Reed, on the northeast corner of Opal & Reed. Currently, this is a snow-covered vacant lot.

Current view on Reed Street

Looking up Opal Street

Recently, OCF Holdings put this parcel under contract, and will hopefully be constructing five new homes on this large parcel. Two of the homes will front Reed Street, while the other three will front Opal Street. Check out the preliminary rendering below:

3D rendering of the homes

Clearly, this would be a significant upgrade over the current situation here, and would represent one more extinguished vacant lot in the neighborhood. It's worth noting, there's another home currently under construction on this block, closer to 19th Street.

A new home was recently framed out down the street

With all the construction now taking place south of Wharton Street, we'll be very interested to see just how far south the development will travel. Only time will tell.

Disclosure: OCF Realty owns this website. And OCF Holdings. The similar names are not a coincidence!