Development Creeping Further South in Point Breeze

A year ago, we told you about plans to build a duplex on the vacant corner of 18th & Reed. At the time, we noted that most development going on in the area was taking place north of Wharton Street, but speculated that this could be a sign that more construction is on the way for blocks further south.

New duplex at 18th and Reed

A year later, we’ve definitely seen some one-off market rate projects a block or two below Wharton as well as a few affordable housing developments. And today we have two adjacent projects to bring to your attention, this time at the corner of 17th & Reed. A reader checked in last week, with the heads up that some digging was taking place off the corner. And they were right.

View of the vacant corner
But not for long...

In December, developers pulled permits to build two single family homes at 1344 and 1346 S. 17th St., which are one and two lots off the corner, respectively. From what we understand, they’ll be three stories high, and offered for sale at market rate. Meanwhile, the corner property will also be developed in short order, with builder Jason Cutaiar recently purchasing the lot from the City. Though we don’t believe that the projects are related, Harman Deutsch is doing the architecture for all three homes.

We’ll be very interested to see what kind of price points the developers will be able to get for these homes. This should go a long way to determine just how much more building takes place this far south in the neighborhood. If the prices are high, expect development to push even further down in the years to come.