Buckminster’s Closes, What’s Next?

Watching the former Burg's Lounge transform into Buckminster's over the last couple of years at 21st & Federal, the excitement in the neighborhood was palpable. We first told you about this situation at the end of 2012, when the property had just sold for $165K only two weeks after being listed for sale. At the time, we were impressed that the property sold so quickly, though in retrospect the buyers got a tremendous deal.

Building looked like this for many years

Construction moved at a measured pace, with a backhoe digging out the basement at the end of 2014, an addition appearing on the building a few months later, and the bar finally opening last year a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. We'd argue that the building's renovation has made for a fantastic improvement, though people who don't care for contemporary architectural finishes might disagree.

Former Buckminster's

Buckminster's came from the people who own Kensington Quarters, and brought a high-end gastropub concept to the neighborhood. The cocktails were fancy, the wine list was well conceived, the plates were small, and the pierogies were delicious. But alas, the restaurant didn't click at the location and they closed their doors over the weekend. Now Point Breeze is left with a brand new restaurant space that's ostensibly looking for a new operator.

Closer look at the entrance

What would you like to see here?