Action Picking Up on Titan Street in Point Breeze

Driving up 20th Street yesterday, we noticed a new home going up at 1946 Titan St., right on the corner. Looming quite large from the south, we were surprised to find that the home is apparently being built by right, as the owners have appeared for no variances for the construction of this property. We snapped a photo from the north, and it looks a little less huge from that perspective.

Framed out

Developer Hq-1, a company that owns several lots around Point Breeze, is behind this construction. We mentioned them last month, as they are currently building another new home at 2044 Annin St., next door to six new construction rentals. Hq-1 purchased numerous lots in the neighborhood a few years ago at sheriff’s sale, and finally appear ready to move on several of them.

Meanwhile, less than a block away, another new house is going up at 2006 Titan St., replacing a vacant lot. Developer Kelly Titan Ventures LLC purchased the lot a couple of years ago for the reasonably low price of $16K. Again, the size of this building is striking, especially in comparison to the homes that surround it.

Also framed out. Point Breeze & Titan Sts. in the distance

As you can see in the photo above, OCF Holdings’ Point Breeze & Titan lot sits at the end of this block. We would imagine that the people who ultimately move into these homes would be rather pleased to have a newly built pharmacy near by…

We should have an update on the Point Breeze & Titan project in the near future, by the way.

Full disclosure: OCF Realty is the parent company of both OCF Holdings and Naked Philly.