A Rehab and Two New Homes Coming to Rough Point Breeze Block

Though Point Breeze has seen considerable redevelopment in recent years, there remain some blocks that have gone almost untouched by all the renovation and new construction. One such block is the 1100 block of S. Sydenham St., which has a small selection of inhabited homes but mostly contains vacant land and battered buildings. But even on this stubbornly blighted block, there is hope.

Recently, two private investors purchased 1148 S. Sydenham St. for an appropriate $20K. As you can see in the photo below, interior demolition is currently underway, and renovation will surely follow. Soon enough, this property will be inhabited, making a dent in the vacancy on the block.

Vacant homes with one under construction

A little further to the north, two vacant lots will soon disappear. We’ve learned of plans for the construction of two homes with garages at 1132 and 1134 S. Syndenham St., on lots previously owned by City agencies. Details of this plan will be presented at next week’s SPHINC meeting.

Two of these lots will be developed

Hopefully, these two projects will spur additional development nearby. It’s surprising that things have remained so rough on this block, but not at all shocking that developers have finally noticed it. We’ll keep an eye on this easy-to-miss block in the coming months, and will let you know if any other development crops up.