A Building We Liked Got Demolished on Federal Street

Right behind the Nunez Corp. Meat Market, the building at 1702 Federal St. has always had a special place in our hearts. The building seemed like it was in terrible condition, but the exterior had some wonderful features that suggested an interesting past. The first floor facade was covered in little tiles, and an old rusty sign hovered above the front door. We always suspected it was once a bar, but couldn't tell you for sure.

Back in 2011

Sometime in the last couple of years, the sign disappeared. Also, the building deteriorated to the point that you could see the sky through the second floor window opening.

Last summer

At some point in the last few months, the building disappeared.

Current view

We thought perhaps new developers had stepped in, but public record suggests that the property still belongs to Cynthia Wright, who bought the property from the Redevelopment Authority in 1994. Considering the numerous violations on the property and the fact that it was clearly in disrepair, it's probably to the benefit of public safety that the building has been demolished. Still, we'll miss the unique structure, which reminded us of what the American Sardine Bar looked like back when it was the Wander Inn.

Does anyone know the history of this now-demolished building? Has anyone in the area heard about plans for its replacement? To this point, no construction permits have been pulled.