It’s easy to get stuck in our little Philadelphia real estate bubble, and because it’s our area of expertise (it’s in our name, after all) we don’t commonly cover real estate in other places. On Facebook last week, a friend posted a real estate listing from Columbus, Ohio, and it got us thinking that it could be worth featuring the occasional listing/opportunity from outside the city. Plus, this particular listing has something especially unique to offer.

View of the home

The property in question is 302 Burt St., located, as we said, in Columbus. The listing indicates that the property has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and roughly 1,150 sqft of living space. It’s also got a garage and a roof deck. The list price is just under $60K, partially because real estate prices are lower in Columbus than they are in Philadelphia, and partially because the home needs some work.

A peek inside
Nice looking roof deck

According to the listing, the place needs about $15K of work and would then sell for $100K. If that math rings true, then this would seem like a layup for a potential investor. We wonder though, whether buyers might be scared off by one of the images from the listing.

Oh dear God

Okay, this is almost definitely not what it looks like. And we agree, it looks really bad. But even if someone had been murdered in the bathroom and had their blood splattered across the wall of the shower, no realtor would include a photo in the listing to highlight this for potential buyers. At worst, they would find a way to take a picture of the bathroom that doesn’t show the inside of the shower, and at best they would, uh, strongly encourage the owner to clean it up. More than likely, the last tenants in the house were none to pleased to leave, and left their landlord a going away present in the shower in the form of red paint made to look like a murder scene. The realtor still probably should have found a way to not include the image in the listing, though.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to Ohio, to invest in some real estate that surely wasn’t the scene of a crime. Probably.