Weird Building Off Delaware Ave.

We were heading to Home Depot the other day, and noticed this totally strange shell behind the Riverview Plaza Shopping Center at Columbus Blvd. and Washington Ave.


The four-story building appears to have originally been a factory, but clearly has not been in use for decades. Butting up against I-95, it seems possible that this building’s use may have been permanently hampered by the construction of the highway in the 70’s. It stands to reason that when the highway was constructed, hundreds of buildings were taken through eminent domain, but wouldn’t this building have been taken and demolished as well? Strangely enough, we can’t even figure out the address for this place, since it’s essentially in a parking lot. Does anyone know the history of this building? Does anyone remember when it was actually in use? We’ve checked a couple of sources and are coming up empty.

Ordinarily, we’re strong proponents of redevelopment of blighted properties, but this one sure seems ripe to be torn down, ya know? On the other hand, it would be a stellar spot for laser tag.