Update: Homes At Last On the 100 Block of Alter Street!

We've had our eye on the 100 block of Alter Street for many years, and for good reason. In the last decade or so, this little block with Washington Avenue views has seen ten new homes get built, with a bunch more constructed around the corner on 2nd Street and Ellsworth Street. Through all of the construction, an odd triangular lot at 103-107 Alter St. has remained vacant, featuring only the remains of the foundations of an unfulfilled construction project. We were quite excited (as were the neighbors we'd guess) a little over a year ago when we shared the news that new developers had purchased the property and were planning to move forward with a plan for three homes. We passed by the property the other day and were pleased to see that three homes have indeed appeared here and construction seems to be moving along, though perhaps a little more slowly than we'd have expected.

Looking east on the 100 block of Alter Street

The homes, looking west

Each of the homes will lay our differently, thanks to the triangular shape of the property and the fact that it runs street to street. Whichever architect first sketched out this project several years ago (Landmark maybe?) was pretty clever in how they laid out the homes on the challenging parcel.

Project site plan

Plans for 103 Alter St.

105 Alter St. plans

Something different for 107 Alter St.

103 Alter St. is currently listed for $645K and we'd imagine that the developers would be looking for similar prices for the other homes. It appears as though each of the homes has the same features in terms of bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking, it's just a matter of personal preference whether a buyer would prefer a long and skinny house or a square-shaped home. Which kind of home would you rather own?