Trading Licenses for Lumber on Columbus Blvd.

The DMV experience is generally terrible- a few Simpsons episodes featuring Patty and Selma have driven this point home. But our experiences at the PennDOT Driver License Center at 1530 S. Columbus Blvd. were generally tolerable, with relatively manageable wait times in a rather depressing setting. But that setting is now gone forever, as this location recently closed its doors. Passing by the other day, we spied dumpsters on the site.

Getting work done

Another angle

Of course, when a neighbor sees a Delaware Avenue building turn over, they have reason to fear the worst. Surely, people who live nearby are concerned that some nuisance business will be taking over the building. But we're here to ease those fears. A sign at the site lists Soloff Realty & Development as the property owner, and suggests that a tenant has been found. Remember, this is the same development company that's built a bunch of Bottom Dollar Foods around town. A reader reached out to the property owners and learned that Lumber Liquidators will be taking over the space. That's confirmed on their website, where the address is already listed as their second Philadelphia location. We'd have to imagine that this will be a showroom, and they're renting a warehouse nearby that will hold all the wood.

We can only speculate about how many people have come here recently to renew their Driver's License, only to find the place under construction. We'd guess it's been quite a few. For future reference, you can visit a PennDOT Center at 330 W. Oregon Ave. or 801 Arch St. instead. Or you could go to one of the many third party places that do the same thing, whatever floats your boat.