Three New Homes in Pennsport and the Power of Compromise

Back in December, we told you about the unfortunate chain of events surrounding the potentially doomed Manton Street Park. In short, the community spent last summer restoring and beautifying a depressed, former pocket park. In the fall, they learned that the city sold the “vacant lots” to a private developer without their knowledge- a possibility that they thought impossible due to bad information previously provided by city agencies. In December, the park’s prospects looked dim, as the city seemed unwilling to put itself in a the legally risky position of reneging on a signed agreement of sale.

Fast forward a couple of months, and it’s clear that a compromise was reached. Three new homes are currently under construction at 409, 411, and 413 Manton St.

Some big new houses
Closer look at them

A compromise was reached, according to this Daily News report, when the developers, US Construction, agreed to purchase and build on only half of the park’s land. 405-07 Manton St. will be retained by the city and will be maintained by the community as a pocket park, along with the adjoining community garden. The developer will also pitch in, and will assist with landscaping and fencing for the park.

For their actions in this situation, US Construction gets a boatload of points in our books. Legally, they were under no obligation to compromise with the community, but they did so willingly, and apparently enthusiastically. Their desire to be good neighbors, as well as the community’s commitment to maintaining a public green space, will make this area a better place to live for years to come. It just goes to show you that sometimes a little communication and cooperation can result in a good outcome for everybody.

We can’t wait to see the completed homes next to a revitalized Manton Street Park and Community Garden.