Three Homes Progressing, Already Sold at 4th & Greenwich

When we last visited the southwest corner of 4th & Greenwich, we discovered a new hole in the ground just a half a block away from Dickinson Square Park and across the street from Grindcore House. At the time, we told you to expect three new homes on this site. Checking back last week, we discovered that the homes are well on their way.

Current view

Remarkably, the homes are all under agreement. The corner home is listed just shy of $435K, and the interior homes are at about $400K. Just a couple of years ago, we wouldn't have imagined that new homes could sell at such prices here, but such is the reality right now in this part of the neighborhood. And if the still-vacant Mount Sinai Hospital site is redeveloped with any sort of speed, we can see prices trending even higher.

Oddly, the southernmost home is a little bit taller than its fellows. Anyone have any idea why?