Several Homes Under Construction on Or Near Dickinson Street

A few months back, we told you about two projects just getting underway near the corner of 4th & Dickinson. Today, we check back in on those projects, and share news of a couple of others taking place nearby.

First, let’s look at 1510 S. 5th St., a former vacant lot that was purchased by Broada Chella LLC for $58K last year. Over the summer, it had just been framed out as a single family home. Now, it’s nearly finished.

Still a couple of vacant lots next door

Looking a little to the north, we now look at the northwest corner of 5th & Dickinson, where foundations were being poured the last time we were here. Now, a home is framed and being sheathed as we speak.

Coming along, and now for sale for about $400K

Proceeding east now on Dickinson Street, we find another home that’s approaching completion. 405 Dickinson St. was purchased by Connor Dev LLC earlier this year, and was a vacant lot at that time. Soon, it will be yet another new single family home joining the parade of them in this area.

The new home. Does it seem to be matching up kind of funny with the building next door?

Finally, yet another vacant lot in this area is being transformed into a new home. 1507 S. 4th St., just up the block from Grindcore House, is just seeing framing get underway. Like the other properties we’ve mentioned today, this will also be a single family home.

Foundation's poured, let's frame.

It’s remarkable just how much construction is going on in such a concentrated area these days. While several long-vacant lots remain around these parts, we imagine that they too will soon get sucked up in the whirlwind of development in the area. And looking forward, we can only hope that the long-silent Mount Sinai site nearby will experience a similar fate.