Plans for Another New Home Near Vegan Cafe

Several years ago, a fire ravaged 405 Greenwich St., and the remnants of the home remained for a couple of years. By 2012, thankfully, the blighted building was demolished. The lot has sat vacant, catty corner from Grindcore House, ever since.

Looked like this for years

Currently a vacant lot with a zoning notice

As you can see in the photo above (and as is mentioned in the caption), the vacant lot now has a zoning notice posted. Developers purchased the little lot earlier this year, and are now looking to build a three story home here. We would guess that their refusals are dimensional in nature, as the lot is only 48' deep and a sellable home will need to be deeper than the code permits. We don't think it needs zoning approval for a third story without a setback- despite the fact that it sits on a two story block, it only has a two-story home on one side. 

Three new homes across the street

A couple of months ago, we checked in across the street on a three home development on the southwest corner of 4th & Greenwich, a project that now looks finished. Nearby, there have been several other developments of late, like three homes at 5th & Dickinson, two homes at 4th & Dickinson, and other one-off projects scattered around nearby. It wasn't so long ago that this area was pocked with vacant lots and blighted buildings, but the turnaround has been really impressive. And if plans for the former Mount Sinai hospital ever get off the ground, it will be nothing short of transformative for the area. Has anyone heard any updates recently on that project?