New Bar is Coming to 3rd & Wharton

Have you ever noticed 1301 S. 3rd St.? For some years, it held a health center, which seems appropriate for a one-story, vinyl covered building. Soon, though, it will have an entirely new tenant.

The unattractive building

Notice the dumpster out front? The orange sign in the window? Both are signs that the building is currently under construction and that a drinking establishment is on the way. 1301 Brunella LLC, the applicant, hasn't shown up yet on the PA Liquor Control Board database, so we can't tell you any details on who's behind the operation that's coming there, or what they're planning. The existence of a large space out front suggests the possibility of some lovely al fresco dining between 3rd Street and Moyamensing Avenue, though.

View from the west

Caffe Valentino across the street

Across the street is Caffe Valentino, located in a building that's, shall we say, among the more unique looking in the neighborhood. We're not expecting the renovated building across the street to take a similar look, but we're at least hoping that the vinyl will disappear and something more attractive will appear in its place.

Has anyone in the neighborhood heard any more details on this bar?

Update: At Wednesday's Pennsport Civic meeting, the folks behind the bar will be presenting information to the community. The meeting will take place at 7pm at 138 Moore St., at EOM. The meeting announcement suggests a beer garden will be part of the concept. Count us in.