More Homes Under Construction Near Dickinson Square Park

A couple of times now, we’ve brought you news on new construction in the neighborhood that’s near Dickinson Square Park. With a neighborhood coffee shop like Grindcore House, an easy walk to Federal Donuts, and a wonderful and recently renovated park to enjoy, this neighborhood already has plenty of amenities and now just needs some more people and a little less vacant land.

After we enjoyed a tasty Grindcore House lunch the other day, we spotted two new construction projects around the corner from the cafe. The first is 1510 S. 5th St., a former vacant lot that was purchased by Broada Chella LLC for $58K at the end of last year. A couple of months ago, the developers got approvals to build a single family home here. As you can see, the new home is framed out. Two vacant lots remain next door.

In the past
New home

A little to the north, on the northwest corner of 5th & Dickinson, we spotted a new foundation ready to be poured. This lot was purchased by Northstar Penns Port LLC for $98.5K, also at the end of last year. This will also be a single family home, once it’s built. It’s a good addition, because the vacant corner lot just looked unfortunate.

In the past
New hole

Yes, this area is continuing to improve bit by bit. And if the former Mount Sinai hospital is ever renovated successfully into apartments, we suspect the neighborhood will truly take the next step.

Mount Sinai is on the right